The Bruno Chaussignand collection thrives on the creativity of a man who uses his sensibility, his taste for design and technical know-how to enhance eyeglass wearers.

« What fascinates me with glasses is to highlight the features of a face, to bring light and open the eyes: to finally give confidence! »

Bruno Chaussignand designs his creations for the face. He creates a universe of free expression where glasses reveal us without imposing a style. They are the reflection of our uniqueness: our tastes, our values, our energy... They marry the features of our face and our character... by bringing them structure, audacity and elegance.
Choosing a pair of Bruno Chaussignand glasses is never a coincidence: sometimes it's love at first sight (for those who are already self-assured and see in them the expression of their personality); sometimes it's a surprise that we tame, like a new encounter between one and oneself.

« If my inspirations and my way of creating are quite personal, my focus is always aimed towards others. I think of those who will wear the frames, to create glasses with which they will enjoy living. I like that wearers take ownership of our frames and share our vision. The collection also expresses this generosity in materials, thicknesses and colors. »

A timeless collection that keeps revisiting the classics with audacity.

Bruno Chaussignand shakes up the lines, seeks balance in imbalance and gives birth to unique shapes that take on their full dimension once worn.

 « I like atypical shapes, combinations of materials and colors that reveal a different vision of beauty. It won't please everyone, that's true, but I am convinced that by being committed, by creating what really makes us vibrate, we manage to connect with like-minded people who share our values. »

Pure, elegant, comfortable, Bruno Chaussignand glasses also surprise with their high quality. A requirement that begins in the precision with which he designs his frames: a technical drawing made in pencil and hours of work (to half a millimeter) so that the glasses fit perfectly. Such precision is kept throughout the production chain with partners selected for their exceptional know-how in France, Germany and Italy. It takes 3 months and more than 50 manufacturing steps to make a pair of glasses.